Wax Paper Leaf Book


We went for a “nature walk” the other day. We came home with such a lovely collection of leaves I wanted to somehow extend their lifespan. I remember having a wonderful afternoon with my mom when I was about Sosi’s age, pressing leaves between wax paper.  I’ve always had it in the back of mind as something I wanted to do with my kids.

While I was busy ironing the pages, I handed Sosi the much coveted Sharpie marker and asked that she could decorate the finished pages. I was so happy to see that she automatically drew faces of the leaves. I was planning for us to look up all the different types of leaves and label them all. I like her idea much better.

Click here for  an illustrated downloadable PDF I made of instructions on how to make your very own Wax Paper Leaf Booklet!


11 thoughts on “Wax Paper Leaf Book

  1. Thanks for posting this. That’s my Christmas presents for everyone’s children sorted. I can’t wait to collect autumn leaves and create a story for them. Cheers


  2. Another cool rendition of the above(which I too have fond memories of doing with my mom) is that you can take an assortment of crayons, shave them up using either a pencil sharpener or cheese grater, and sprinkle the colourful crayon bits in between your wax paper (and leaves) and then iron away. The result is a really neat, multi-coloured, almost tied-died effect to the wax paper. Very pretty.



  3. glad you like it sarah! the mind of a 4 year old is a fascinating thing. 🙂

    ciara, what a great idea. i think these would make lovely gifts.

    thanks so much for the crayon idea mya, i will have to try that next! 🙂


  4. hi lori,

    glad to see you are up and running again… cute project & i love the balloon birthday cards! hope you are all well – we are finally reaching the end of our 2 year marathon… yikes! hi to p & s (& i).



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