sunshine sweater


(photo taken by Sosi)

Summer is still being a bit elusive in these parts. So I’m very happy to have my “Swinging Stipes Cardigan” sweater finally finished.  Not only is it super warm and cozy (I don’t ever want to take it off) but it is impossible to be grumpy about freezing cold weather at the end of May while wearing this colour. I love it.


(photo also taken by Sosi with my phone, during a super fun afternoon spent on the town with her this weekend.)

Oh, and french fries help with grumpiness too.

2 thoughts on “sunshine sweater

  1. Wow, you have so many talents ! i love the colour & the stripes. i’m struggling with crocheting my very first dishcloth, so kudos to you for all that knitting – & beautifully, to boot ! 🙂


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