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Me, Too! Book Launch

                            I’ll be having a book launch for Me, Too!  (Saturday May 2nd, 11:00 a.m.) at the Children’s Library at the Confederation Centre here in Charlottetown. I’ll be reading the book and handing out colouring books I’ve made especially for the event. There might even be some cupcakes. I’m really excited and hope to see you there!      

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New Poster sized PEI maps.

I’ve made a poster sized version of my PEI map! It’ s 13″x19″ and I’m selling them for $39. Each one is printed on glossy paper and signed. They are available in my Etsy shop right now and will be in some stores around Charlottetown in the coming months.

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Me, too!

  I’m so excited to share my next book with you. It’s called Me, too and was written by the lovely and funny Annika Dunklee!       It is about two best friends who face a challenge. I loved it the first time I read it and drew one of the characters just like my own best friend, Magda.     Madga is super cute and silly and always brings a big smile to my face… just like cute little Annie in the book.     The book comes out in April. You can preorder it here on Amazon, or you can order a signed copy from me. I only have a few, so don’t wait too long. Just send me an email. I’m selling them for $15, plus $5 shipping for Canada, $10 shipping for the US.       In my opinion this is the surest sign of success with […]

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Stay True

  This keychain arrived in my mailbox last September. A thoughtful and timely gift from my dear friend Mia. There have been some big changes around here. Changes I would never would have expected. I’m not someone who is particularly good with changes… but these 2 words have kept me going. Stay True. This gift arrived just as we were taking Ila out of school. We couldn’t ignore anymore that it was not a place for her. She was anxious, angry, and just an all around mess. The whole family was a mess. It felt like we were falling apart trying to keep her together. My head wanted her to stay in school. What would people think? How would I get my work done? Why is my child so different than all the rest? My heart told me something all together different. It told me to go get her and take her home… and keep her home. It told […]