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Anne of Green Gables Custom Fabric Work

I received an email last summer from Helen, who had just visited PEI. She had seen my paintings in a shop and was wondering if I had ever done anything with Anne. She was disappointed there wasn’t anything more cute and fresh of her here. She asked me if I could make some fabric pieces for her. I’ve been so busy with other things I wasn’t able to get to these until now. I’m so glad I carved out some time, because I had so much fun working on them!  I love the Anne stories and  LM Montgomery. Her Emily of New Moon series especially. The way she describes the wind through trees, or the beauty of a meadow …  that is what I’m always striving to achieve with my work. It’s pure magic.

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Rainforest of Reading

“A book is just a book until a child  picks it up and interprets it, that’s when the magic happens.” – Kari-Lynn Winters. Sonya White at the One Schoolhouse Foundation is doing such meaningful and beautiful work. She recently shared this video with me of her visit to St. Lucia and the Reading Rainforest event. It is an event celebrating books and reading. Me, Too was one of the books including in the celebrations. The video is  beautiful. It is incredibly uplifting to see so many people doing such good things, and there is really so much magic in the world, mostly in the hearts of children. This video would have made me cry regardless, but the fact that I can see my book in the hands of children I never dreamed it would reach, was almost too much.    

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Coaxing Spring

Maybe Spring doesn’t want to come to PEI, but that doesn’t mean I can’t paint it! I spent this weekend painting barns and flowers, and I’m hoping it might coax Spring to arrive. These paintings will be available to purchase at Cottage Industry in Charlottetown or through me.

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Magical Animals and Good Mornings.

  My girls have been  absolutely loving Kallie George‘s series called “Magical Animal Adoption Agency”.  It has sparked all sorts of creativity over here. Magical animals are being crafted, rooms have been turned into adoption rooms, there are even unicorns in my bath tub! These books feel even more special because I have a small connection to Kallie.  The first email I received offering me a children’s book illustration job was from her. She and I worked on “The Goodnight Book” together. I’ve got the sequel to The Goodnight book ( The Good Morning Book) all ready to go.  It should be coming out pretty soon. 2016 is a super busy year for me, I’m working on 4 books!  A very different scenario from when I received that first email from Kallie…  and I will always feel thankful to her for giving me my first book.              

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Sneeky Peek

Here’s a little sneak peek of something I’ve been working away on that I am so excited about. “The Love Book” is a book I wrote myself, that will be fully illustrated with fabric pieces. (!!!) It’s being published by Owlkids Books, and will be released in the Fall of 2017. I have never been prouder of a project. The message is straight from my heart and the artwork is so special to me. I hope the world will love it as much as I am loving working on it!