Christmas Craft Fair


I’ve been in some major denial over Christmas. I have nothing ready at all, no decorating or shopping done(this picture is from last year). I don’t think I can ignore that it’s coming anymore. We woke to snow on the ground and my husband has begun streaming Christmas music into every room in the house… it’s feeling pretty cozy.

In an attempt to escape from all I need to do, I’ve weaseled myself into the Christmas Craft Fair at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market at the last minute. I’ll be there tonight from 4:00-8:00 selling my cards and prints. Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Fair

  1. That sounds like something I would weasel my way OUT of! Good for you.

    Other than getting two $20 bills out of the bank machine for my nephews (given up on gift ideas), I haven’t done anything Christmas related either.

    The weather in Vancouver is very un-christmassy.


  2. Did you warm up after I left?

    Also, was that a subtle request for some Christmas arm-warmers under the tree?

    See, I’m sharp like that…


  3. no, it just got colder, but the nice coffee guy made me a tea, that helped.

    thanks for stopping by danielle. it was nice to see a friendly face. how’s your neck?

    oh mia, you are so much wiser than me. i shouldn’t have been there last night. i really didn’t feel like i fit in. i asked the manager of the market (under the prompting of a vendor there) if i could have an application so i get put on the waiting list for spots at the market, and he wouldn’t give one to me! that definitely didn’t help with the whole feeling like i didn’t fit in… not sure where i belong on this island.


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