old photos


I love old photos. I found these yesterday while I was searching through pictures for this week’s upcoming Small Fancy.

Up until now, we haven’t been able to figure out who Ila looks like. I think this first picture solves the case. She looks like me! (I can’t explain the joy this brings me… Sosi is little a miniature Paul, minus the beard)


This one is of me and my sister. I think it could just as easily be a picture of Sosi and Ila. They look very similar to us.

4 thoughts on “old photos

  1. Oh lovely!, I don’t get a look in with my kids apart from Lil’s got brown eyes, Sky’s cheeky and sonny’s a nut case and that’s where it ends……. thank goodness though I wouldn’t want them to be blessed with my big nose, smiley eyes and knock knee’s!! happy birthday for Sosi hope you all had a great day!


  2. That shower curtain is awesome. Oh, and the kids are cute too 🙂
    Isabel is so happy to be 5, and, I must say, I’m so happy she’s 5!


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