postcard from my dad


In 2000 my dad sailed around Newfoundland with his brother. He was gone an entire summer. I found this postcard he sent me while working on my Small Fancy for this week (isn’t it gorgeous?).

On the back it reads:

“Tablelands, From Photographer’s Lookout in Norris Point (photo by Terry Parsons)


Dear Lori/Paul,

Having a great time, have had enough adventures to last the rest of my life! We are not moving very fast because of bad weather and stopping to enjoy the sights. We are now in Gros Morne Nat’l Park, Spectucualr! Leaving tomorrow to go North and cross over to Labrador.

Letter to follow,

Love Dad. “

2 thoughts on “postcard from my dad

  1. Thanks for the memory jolt. That was quite a trip. After Gros Morne we had enough adventures (misadventures) to last 5 lifetimes.


  2. Hi Lori & Paul

    On our visit last August, I finally got to see your dad’s pictures. The girls were out shopping so your dad and I got to spend the afternoon in the backyard having a few cool ones and going thru your dad’s pictures. I only get to read about those kinds of adventures. So to have your dad tell the stories that went with the pictures was very special. Especially for a prairie boy who still gets lost in Winnipeg and hardly ever gets out on the water. What great memories. And going with one’s brother is icing on the cake.


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