a week of dinners

I love dinnertime. Sitting down to eat is my favourite time of day, but getting to that point can be stressful. I’m tired and hungry, the girls are tired and hungry. It seems to be the time of day they seem to need my attention the most. I feel torn between being there for them and trying to make them something heathy and tasty for dinner. That usually makes me grumpy.

To try and make this time of day more fun I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to take photos of dinnertime for a week. I was surprised by how something so small changed things.  It made everyone feel like dinnertime was that much more special. It forced me to slow down and not be so frazzled. It made it more fun.

I managed to photograph Sunday through Friday, then Paul made dinner on Saturday and I got so excited that I forgot about the whole thing (it was that good). All flowers were picked and arranged by Sosi.


Sunday: Homemade pizza


Monday: Roast chicken, spinach, mashed potatoes with chives, tiny pastas with butter.


Tuesday: Annie’s Mac and Cheese, salad, BBQed sausages.


Wednesday: BBQed hamburgers, corn on the cob, salad


Thursday: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, kale.


Friday: Canton Café… chinese food. (Paul was away… us girls decided to go out)

3 thoughts on “a week of dinners

  1. i love this series of photographs! there is such joy in the little clusters of bowls and dishes. i photograph my food all the time, so much so that sometimes before we eat, my kids asks, “aren’t you going to take a picture of it?” occasionally i go a spell without a camera at the table, and am always pleased by how relaxing it is not to worry about documenting it. grass, greener, etc. 😉


  2. What a beautiful ideas and a lovely way to capture a snapshot record of your family moments together. I love that you all sit at the table together and obviously take the time to set it with such love and care. Am inspired and now off on a mission to avoid in front of the telly dinners for at least a week!


  3. Maybe I should try this idea… I get super stressed if I am alone and trying to cook dinner. I also want to log the successful dinners so I can remember what things to cook again especially when it comes to using leftover ingredients. Maybe we can inspire each other with our meals? thanks Lori :0)


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