papa’s pasta


I blew my budget at the Farmer’s market this week buying chanterelle mushrooms. Whenever I see chanterelles I think of my sister-in-law’s father. Every summer he would go into the woods to his top secret location (man, I wish I had found out where) to pick chantrelles to sell to restuarants.

Papa, as we called him, made us feel so welcome when we moved here. Sosi instantly feel in love with him and was quickly adopted in with his real grandchildren. He cooked dinner every Sunday and carted it all over to Nancy’s (2 blocks over) for us all to eat, bringing the whole family together.

He passed away 2 summers ago, and is sorely missed. Last summer I stopped in my tracks when I saw chanterelles at our local market, I knew I had to buy them… and our little tradition was born. I think Papa would approve.

These beautiful little mushrooms are insanely delicious. All I do is sauté them in some olive oil and garlic, add some heavy cream and parmesan then toss with pasta.

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  1. yum. i passed by the chanterelles at the last farmer’s market but i so wanted to buy some… might be time to splurge!


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