a week with norete

She hasn’t even been here a week and look at all she has done. The woman is a force of nature.


She has cooked,


and baked,


(she even arrived with a box of freshly picked  B.C cherries from their tree)


she has sewn matching princess dresses (with some help),


purchased a new addtion to our family (Bello, the fish),


and she’s gone and sewn me this completely amazing skirt (that I have been dreaming of sewing for soo long… but never had the time… or brain power to tackle, DW I still have your pattern btw, heh heh…) .

*The skirt is designed by Martha at UN , from the winter 2008 issue of Stitch. *

Everyone should have a mother-in-law like this.

3 thoughts on “a week with norete

  1. i have silvija here right now and could almost have written the same post, only she made me a new sundress instead of the skirt (i must admit though, i am seriously considering having her make me one like yours, it is one of the coolest skirts i have seen in a long time). i don’t know how these women do it, and so fast! make sure norete blogs about it later, i still read “crafty norete” religiously, something about it always makes me happy!

    enjoy the rest of your visit!


  2. LUCKY! That skirt is to die for. Really. If I even suspected we were the same size I’d fly over there and snatch it from you.

    There is a Portuguese bakery a few blocks from our house that makes those custard tarts and they are AMAZING. I actually had to stop going there because I started just buy four (one for each of use) but then it was five (an extra for me) and then six with the intent to give an extra to Kevin but it not always made it that long.

    What’s the first dish shown? Looks delish.


    1. hi marita 🙂 it’ s called “acorda alentejana”. super easy to make. you just use a mortar and pastel and smash up some garlic, salt and coriander, add to water that has just been boiled (with a little olive oil) and serve with poached eggs and hard bread.


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