101 things to make with zucchini (well, 2 actually)

The past couple of weeks at our CSA pick up I have been helping myself to the  grab box full of zucchini. I keep asking Jen to tell me if I ‘m being too greedy, but she seems genuinely happy with my zucchini enthusiasm. Here are a couple favourite recipes we’ve tried this last week.


Chocolate zucchini cake.*A cup and a half of oil seemed a lot to me, I put in less and it was still really rich and moist.*  This cake is insanely delicious… and yes, this is how I get most of my photographs. There is almost always a child standing on the table.


Cream of zucchini soup. I made up this recipe up. I sautéed garlic, 2 potatoes (cubed) and 3 big zucchinis(chopped up) in olive oil, added some stock and let boil for a bit. Then I blended it up with a hand blender and added a bit of milk and some parmesan. The kids and my husband both loved it… that doesn’t happen too often.

Happy zucchini eating!

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