just the 2 of us




Sosi and Paul have been crazy about biking the Confederation Trail (or the Trail, as we call it) this summer. He usually takes her after supper to give me some time to myself.

She is unstoppable, and usually returns bragging of fox sightings, of how beautiful golden time (golden hour) is and of biking all the way to the airport!

The other night we headed out just the two of us for the first time.  I couldn’t believe how peaceful and beautiful it was… and how close it is to where we live! I haven’t biked much since we moved here, and I’m realizing how much I miss it. I used to boot all over Vancouver with Sosi on the back of my bike. It’s quite something now to look over beside me and see her little smiling face.

We didn’t see any foxes, but we did spot some bushes full of gigantic rosehips and stopped to pick them. Our mother daughter adventured continued on the next day when we decided to make jam from them. We used the recipe for Rose hip Jam from “Apples for Jam“. I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out pretty good.

I love when Sosi and I have alone time like this together. Such wonderful and unexpected things always come out of it.