back to school sweater


I finally finished Sosi’s back to school sweater. I think I knit this more for me than her. I worked out a lot of my anxiousness about her starting school with this sweater! Thankfully she seems to not have inhertied my shyness or social awkwardnes and is making lots of friends and having fun.

Now I get to start a little dress for Ila. She’s well into Sosi’s hand me downs these days,  which are seriosuly lacking in the dress department. Ila would wear a dress everyday if she could, so I better get busy (if you have any cute pattern suggestions let me know!).

(The pattern for this sweater can be found here, I’ve knit this one so many times and I still love it.)

One thought on “back to school sweater

  1. Heaven knows I don’t knit or sew or anything, but do you read Posie Gets Cozy? A couple months ago she was sewing/crocheting etc. little girl dresses like crazy. 🙂


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