library days


Our house is beginning to feel a little small for us, but I can’t imagine moving. We live impossibly close to the main library, which to me,  is pretty much a dream come true. I think if we had a bigger living space we’d still all be cuddled together in one room anyway, so what’s the point?

During one of our recent visits I noticed this amazing french magazine and quickly scooped up all the copies. Sosi is in French immersion so we are trying to find fun French things for her, and this is a huge hit. Such great illustrations and colouring pages, but my personal favourite is the Oukilé family search spread in each magazine (very TinTin-esque). A quick google search found books! I think these will most definitely be on our Christmas wish lists.

4 thoughts on “library days

  1. Hi Lori,

    We’re a French family from Quebec (you did two paintings for my little ones) so if ever you want some books or magazines in French, let me know – Euros are so expensive !


    1. thanks kathleen! i’ll let you know. i’ve asked my best friend in ottawa (who is a french teacher) to find some and i’m pretty sure she’ll come through. if not, I ‘ll contact you. 🙂


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