party preparations have begun!


A certain little girl will be turning 6 in less than a week and the birthday party preparations are in full swing!

January is certainly not the most fun month for a birthday, so we thought a rainbow theme would be good. Boy, were we right! (Instructions for hanging rainbows can be found here, link via Elsie Marley)


I love getting the decorations up early, so she has all week to feel special and excited… and who doesn’t love giant tissue paper pompoms hanging in their living room?! (instructions here)


We still have lots of our sleeves, like a rainbow pinata, rainbow face painting and a rainbow cake! I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “party preparations have begun!

  1. Nothing cooler than a rainbow party! I’m trying to convince my toddler that he wants one for his third birthday, but if he doesn’t I think I might have to throw one for myself…


  2. So fun ideas!! It’s my birthday in February (not an awesome birthday month as well) and maybe I should give a rainbow party too! 😉


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