rainbow party, part 2


The rainbow party was a success! We had so much fun getting ready for it and the kids all seemed to have a great time. We made these super easy and cute hanging rainbows (made with paper plates!).


The cake… was amazing. It was totally gone by the end of the party, a sure sign of a good cake!


The best part of this party was seeing my sweet little girl this happy.


We ‘ll so lucky to have her in our lives.

4 thoughts on “rainbow party, part 2

  1. oh, this post makes me sniff with nostalgia. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up. And that cake! my goodness. You may have just inspired me to make one. If I can get off my butt and get motivated, that is!



  2. hi sweet lady! hope you are feeling well. 🙂

    p.s the cake is pretty easy… we took a wee shortcut and used a cake mix… more fluffy too. i used 2 boxes of cake mix and divided it by six. i also used half whipped cream and half icing, otherwise it’s rather a crazy amount of icing!



  3. Hey! I am thinking that I will make this cake – so did you just add the food gel colouring to a regular white cake mix (in 6 parts?) and which parts are whipped cream and which parts icing – i like that idea A LOT. so much icing!

    and, how many people would you say this cake feeds? I may have to make 2!!!

    Thanks Lori, for your thoughts. I am well but have just been feeling kind of introverted and quiet. But I’ve been starting to get worried emails and people asking me if I need them to pray for me so i better get on blogging again!!



  4. i used 2 cake mixes and divided it by 6, and i used the gel food colour (you only need a tiny tiny bit!).

    for the icing…. it’s pretty much half whipped cream, half icing.

    we fed 8 six year olds, 3 two year olds, one teenager and 7 adults with our cake! there was 1 piece left that went to the neighbours! it’s pretty big.

    glad to hear you are well and only feeling introverted. i was getting worried about you too, missing your lovely posts. 🙂


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