Birdie Love

We spent the weekend basking in the joy of a new puppy. So happy to have little Birdie home with us for keeps. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

10 thoughts on “Birdie Love

  1. is birdie a collie? shes lovely.
    i just saw some of your illustrations/animations on a treehouse sunscreen commercial…staying with nate and justin has had adverse affects…now i’m watching treehouse sigh.
    its really nice to see the girls getting to know her 🙂


  2. when i read your comment martina… i thought her littlest must be out of diapers! then i went and checked your blog, wow! congratulations, what great news!
    idealistically i would have waited until the girls were older… but we all fell in love with her and there was no turning back!
    hope all is well.


  3. lori! haven’t been here in ages, but AWWW look at the new puppers. he’s soooo cute. big hugs.

    ps bucky the bunny passed away last july, but i still have the cute portrait you did of him on my desk. it’s the best, as was he.


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