dog-gone days


I never would have expected it would be a puppy that would push me over the edge… but I guess that’s how life works sometimes.

Sorry for my absence, I tend to get real quiet here when things in my life get a little out of control. The puppy has gone back to live with her mama and my very lovely and kind friend Gail.

Birdie is such a sweetheart, but she turned this little family right upside down and me into a crazy person. We’re all feeling much better now and life is getting back on track.

That little pup sure taught me a lot in a short time… like I need to accept my limits (I can’t handle anymore beings being dependent on me) and that it’s OK to admit you’ve made a bad decision (maybe my worst decision).

4 thoughts on “dog-gone days

  1. I so totally get this. This was us nearly two years ago when we got our Dachshund Lola. She pushed us over our limits. With two little kids, a husband with anxiety and a very emo puppy we were at our wits end. I wanted to give her away, but it was my husband who stopped us, saying that we had to teach the kids commitment. So here we are nearly two years on with a very obedient, protective, lovable doggy whom the kids love. It was hard though and we both have promised – this is our last ever dog!


  2. I agree that it is good thing to accept one’s limits.
    I would imagine that making the decision to give back the puppy was very hard, but I think very wise. By giving back the puppy to her original home you gave that puppy the chance to be adopted by someone else.
    I think it provides an excellent model for your daughters to see that one should make choices not based on misplaced guilt or obligation.

    I love your blog. It always feels like a peaceful spot to rest and breathe.



  3. Echoing what lauren said, I’m sorry that it was bad timing for a puppy. Maybe at another juncture when the girls are able to take more care or maybe adopting an older doggie…you might take that on again. but there is definitely a lot of heroism in setting/recognizing your true (sane) limits because we all want the healthiest bestest version of you for you (and for us!)
    so congrats on making a hard decision


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