This past week I’ve been sersiously knocked off my feet with a sinus infection. We’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing in this house while I try and get back to normal. I’m always surprised by just how happy my kids are to do nothing. I always think we have to do things for them to be happy, but some of our best times are sitting around here, doing nothing.

I found these amazing pop up scene books at a local dollar store (such a score!). We ‘re working away on the Fairy Garden(it’s amazing) one here, but there are so many more! They are illustrated by Clare Beaton, I’ve been a fan of her fabric work for years and was thrilled to find them… even more thrilled to have them this week. They have kept both girls busy (and happy) for days. (We photocopied the pages for Ila to “colour” and “cut out” herself and kept the real pieces for ourselves… she never knew the difference).