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The Island Poems Show is up and open at the Guild. It runs from now until April 30th.

The poem I had to work from was a beautiful poem by Jane Ledwell about water. There was a line in her poem that I couldn’t get out of mind,  about how water sings in frozen snow… this piece developed from there.

(I’ve been asked to share the poem… not sure why I didnt think of that!)

*Here’s it is*

Spring, Water

desert vision, mirage of trembling water;

the mind wavers words – in the mouth clings water.

see you bathe your earthen eyes in cloud-sprung light;

the sunlight flashes, from your lash springs water.

those ocean-minded crabs move backwards, headlong;

across the sand the frothing wave slings water.

a season breaks and melts in welters of mud;

trapped deep inside white winter snow sings water.

feet puddle-splashed, face to the rain, my child oh –

oh world of love and breath, make all things water.

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  1. Lori, do you have a link to the actual poem? I live in the Netherlands and won’t be able to visit the show, but would love to be able to read the words that inspired your piece.


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