one more go… with Angelo.


Let’s face it, we’ve had a pretty crumby run with pets. Last year we had 2 hamsters and 2 fish die, then to top it off, we failed miserabley at puppy ownership.

I have a feeling that’s all behind us now though.  We found this sweet little guy at the Humane Society and we’ve had him home with us for a week.  He ‘s 3 years old and was a stray. He’s so calm and gentle… a real angel, so we’ve decided to name him Angelo. 🙂


We love him! (and I think he’s pretty happy with us too)

2 thoughts on “one more go… with Angelo.

  1. I have found my cat to be the perfect shadow company when I am stitching. There is just something so lovely about their gentle presence. Looks like your little on is a solar panel too soaking up the sun! Fingers crossed he settles into you household well.


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