mother’s day


I’m so lucky I get to be the mom to these 2 little ones. Sometimes I feel so completely inadequate for the job, like they deserve so much more than I can give. Each day is a fresh start and I get a change to be better, and become the mother I  dream of being.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there, especially my mom and my mother-in-law Norete… love you both.

4 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. Wow – that is just lovely… I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law would never ever say that to me… and certainly not on the www for everyone to see… you are so lucky Lori… and very normal…. don’t we all feel inadequate in our role as moms from time to time? :0)


  2. so true Lori… I feel like that too but it is a nice thought to know you can be better every day.. i like that xxx


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