an easy blanket for Ila


I’ve been wanting to make a similar patchwork quilt for Ila like the one I made for Sosi a while back.  Sadly, it just hasn’t happened and I couldn’t see it happening anytime soon. So I decided to go for the easy road instead of no road at all.


I went to the local Fabricville and picked out the least offensive fabric (sorry Fabricville, but I hate you). I quickly sewed it  to the rest of that amazing vintage chenille cozy blanket I have been saving. I then filled it with the same bamboo quilting batting I used for Sosi’s.


I stitched on some cute buttons in an effort to make it a little more special (and to hold the batting in place ) . I think it came together pretty well. It will at least hold her until she gets her proper quilt like her sister’s… someday (I’m still hopeful, that’s good right?).

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