oh, the things I do for free chocolate…

When I was contacted about participating in the “perfectly tiny” awards, I wasn’t sure it was for me. There was talk of photos… press… I cringed (pretty shy and awkward over here!).

The more it sat with me though, the more I began to think “why not”?  A year’s supply of chocolate and getting recognized for some of my favourite paintings? Doesn’t sound that bad! Also, how often do my kids get to see me awarded a gigantic trophy? Not enough times, I’d say. 🙂

(Thanks Nicole and  everyone at Reese for making it such a fun experience!)

7 thoughts on “oh, the things I do for free chocolate…

  1. Something tells me I’d finish that year’s supply in 2 months and then feel really bad about myself!

    Cute pic… 🙂


  2. mia: that’s why i’m trying to move them out to family and friends (much to sosi’s disapproval) as fast as possible!

    dad: you better come and visit soon if you want some!


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