what’s been going on?


It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. We’ve had Paul’s folks for a visit. My mother-in-law cooked , sewed, mended, played and baked. My father-in-law re-roofed our shed and took the chainsaw to some dead trees in the yard. They are both in their 70s and both equally inspiring. It was great to have them.

As we always do, we took my mother-in-law out to Belfast mini mills. I stocked up on more delicious yarn. I got a lovely cashmere blend to make the girls some winter hats. We love it out there.

Sosi always tells me she wants to be a farmer when we’re out there. I think Ila already thinks she is one…

It’s a long sad story (with a happy ending) but we now have another cat! Little Poppy.


She is so adorable and sweet, we can’t decide who loves her more, us or Angelo…

I’ve also been super busy working away on a very exciting project that I hope to be able to share with you soon!



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