In my studio…

In my studio (oh those words make me smile!), I have been doing lots of different things this past month… but not really finishing much of anything. I have been *so* excited and happy to just be there , it’s been hard to concentrate!

I’m finally settling down a bit and I just finished this piece. It’s for the upcoming “Something to Crow About” show at the Details, Past and Present gallery.

3 thoughts on “In my studio…

  1. I love crows so, so, so much. My grandmother kept a small group of crows in her backyard in White Rock, merely by welcoming them in. They made quite good company for her in her last years in her house.

    I’m totally jealous of your studio, but in an I’m so happy for you kind of way. I just know that my eyeballs and heart will benefit from your having a studio and I’ll feel inspired. =)


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