These past weeks have been a little overwhelming. We bought a house (!) almost  sold our house, but didn’t :(.

I’m trying my best to stay positive and grounded, but I’m worried about having to move in a few weeks, worried about what to do if we don’t sell this house… and about million other things.

In between the crazy-hustle-bustle there have been some lovely moments… it’s in these moments that I feel everything will work out and be OK.







I’d love to hear how you get grounded…

5 thoughts on “grounding

  1. Cooking. In particular making childhood staples, which for me includes hummous, quiche and a few soups. Gardening is a big one (but no good if you’re about to move). Baths. And, when I can find the time, sewing/knitting.

    Speaking of knitting, I keep meaning to write you to say that little Miss L adores her little bunny. It has in fact been christened “mini bunny” and it’s among her small group of permanent favourites. As a result we think of you very often around here. Good luck with the transition.


  2. The beach! A little over a year ago we moved to California. I knew no one, had no idea where we would live, & had to quickly rent out our house. Plus I had a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old. Lets just say the first year was really hard. But every time I went to the beach it made me feel at peace, and calmed my ever racing & worrying mind.

    Good luck with the house!


  3. Nature, to be precise running streams that I could either walk in with the kids in bare feet or rain boots, and playing pooh sticks. When my kids where 2 and 3, we moved house, the night before the packers came in my son was in taken to hospital with croup and my husband of course was out of town. Excellent. He arrives home and we move. Then a day later got the call from the other side of the world that my Dad was very ill, so we left quick quick quick to visit, got back 24 hours later my Dad passed away so we where back on a plane to do the 28 hours door to door trip on our wedding anniversary. Again Excellent. So once we got back to our ‘new’ house in a new neighborhood where I knew nobody I took to really ‘stopping to smell the flowers’, as oh so overwhelmed with events but for me what this actually meant was taking time out with the kids to enjoy the nature on our door step… I hope that you can find your ‘flowers to smell’ or as a very dear friend of mine calls it .. ‘buying a vowel’ to get you through those tough times. Good luck with it all, it will all come good …


  4. Everything will turn out fine – even MORE than fine!! (spoken by someone (me) who is always anxious about everything.. – so unnecessary, really: fine, i PROMISE!
    (AND i can’t WAIT to see your new house!!! (you know that you make me dream of living in PEI!!!)


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