Yesterday morning we were all lying around together when Ila looked up and smiled a great big smile and said “whole family!” Yes, whole family. There have not been a lot of moments like that lately. We have been pulled in a thousand different directions. Sometimes our kids know how to say it just right. We need to slow down, and just be together more. It’s so good when we do.

Yesterday we stopped everything, work, renovating, unpacking, garden work and just were together. It was just what we all needed. The girls fell into bed at the end of the day dirty from being outside literally all day (no baths on fun day!) and I felt more content than I have in ages. Remind me to slow down more often.



2 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Recently my son, my husband and I were sitting together at the dinner table. It had been a long day for us all. Both Richard and I work in an office all day and Emmett is in daycare. Emmett reached over grabbed my hand and richard’s and then said, ‘we’re all here together’. I love that he noticed this.


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