Ila’s monkey quilt

Ila’s monkey quilt is finished! I used mostly outgrown monkey pjs for the squares… the ones she refused to part with and put in the bag of hand me downs for her baby cousins. Now she can have them forever.

Why am I spending my last few days of kids at school/babysitter sewing a quilt? That’s a good question. I have about a dozen different art projects I could be doing, but this just felt right.

Maybe I’m winding down, changing gears for the summer where I’ll have the girls with me and creative projects will have to be more like this. Something that can be easily interrupted, and doesn’t require all my concentration.

Or maybe I just wanted to do something special for Ila. She’s been having a real rough time lately. Lots of tears, tantrums, general super crazy behavior. I want to wrap her up in love, in the hope that my sweet Ila might return and this angry at the world and everyone in it phase will pass. Here’s hoping it works, don’t let me down monkeys!

7 thoughts on “Ila’s monkey quilt

  1. we (my husband) did build it. it’s a bunk bed, sosi is on top. lots of storage for books too. room is so small, hard to get a good pic of it.



    Any chance he has directions on how to build them or used a model we could follow?



  3. Love the quilt… Wish I would complete my projects as quickly! Enjoy the upcoming visit I hear is happening.


  4. It’s a beautiful quilt, such a warm and loving gift, and with the perfect fabric scraps. Yay random but awesome projects.


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