A Blue Couch


I can’t say I sew because I LOVE sewing. I sew because I like to have nice things…things I can’t usually find here on PEI, or if I can, I can’t afford them.

That is how I found myself sewing our new blue slipcover. I can think of many, many things I’d like to do rather than sew a gigantic slip cover… but I’m super happy I did it. Our old gross couch is brand new again, and clean and so lovely. Everyone looks pretty sitting on this couch…

Especially this new pillow I made too. I found an amazing framed needlepoint at our local thrift store and thought it would make a great pillow. What I really wanted to do with the couch was this , but this is almost just as good…

The cost of the entire project? 140$. No joke. Throw in some sweat and tears and you have an almost new couch! It should last us another couple of years, until then, this one is making us all very happy.

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