ila is 4


Today my little baby turns 4. How does time go by so fast? That saying “the days are long and the years are short” has been going over and over  in my  mind. I don’t know where these years are going.

Days with this girl are never short. She is silly, shy, crazy, loud and fiercely strong willed. She’s so kind and loving with her sister, that sometimes I feel like my heart might explode.

She  also has the most extreme case of mommy-itis* that I’ve ever seen. Since I know how fast these years are flying by, I’m willing to just let it go untreated and soak up as much of her as I possibly can.

The other day she found an old card someone made for us. She told me she thought it said “Mommy and Ila love each other”. Yes Ila, Mommy and Ila love each other.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

* definition: mommy-itis, a condition where the person wants no one but mommy and will take down anyone who takes mommy’s attention from her.