An early Christmas present to myself

Two things have been in the back of mind for a while.

The first was the thought of our awesome (newish) patio chairs spending the winter in the shed,  all alone. It seemed wrong, especially since we ‘re in desperate need of chairs for our living room.

The second thing was that my flowers in the snow blanket  has been sitting unfinished in my closet forever… so pretty, so not close to ever being done.

In a flash of brillance I decided to make the blanket into pillows. I instantly felt a rush of relief knowing I didn’t have to work on it anymore. And those chairs? We brought them inside, cleaned them off and they look great. I love that feeling of using what you have and not bringing more into your life. Sometimes you just need to move what you already have around a little bit.

They are a perfect combination if you ask me. This pillow is a reminder to be easier on myself, that I’m the boss of my own life. If I want to have patio chairs in my living room there isn’t anyone telling me not to, except myself.



4 thoughts on “An early Christmas present to myself

  1. This is gorgeous Lori! I am working on my blanket and it is taking ages although am loving working on it during these wintery days! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. x


  2. O you are so smart and love you follow your bliss and heart/tell yourself to. very inspiring. cool chairs. love your shop and esp. sasquatch man (sp?). all the best in 2013! Suz


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