one more call


I’ve been very spoiled in my life. I’m almost 40, and up until a few days ago I still had a full set of grandparents. It’s something I just took for granted.

When I was little we visited my Grandpa in Winnipeg quite a bit. I even went out once when I was 18 by myself and got to spend a lot of time with him. The last time I saw him was when he came out to BC  10 years ago for our after-eloping party.

In recent years I’ve gotten lazy with calling. Life is busy and phone conversations with him were never easy. A strong Ukranian accent + bad hearing+ a very eccentric personality = challenging phone conversations. I may not have ever known exactly what he was talking about, but one thing was always very clear. How much he loved me.

This week all I have been wishing for is that I just had made one more of those phone calls, to make sure he knew too that I loved him.

3 thoughts on “one more call

  1. i love his face. i see a bit of you in it through the eyes, though not necessarily in the expression. which is, nonetheless, incredibly awesome.

    i’m so very sorry.


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