December Brain


Sorry for the epic silence here… December sort of ate me up!

First we had a certain special someone turn 5! I have to say, 5 is suiting her very finely. She will always be my fire-y girl, but she’s definitely turned a corner.

We’ve had many storms… and so much snow. It’s been kind of crazy.

Then I started thinking about Christmas…

We wanted to try and make this a homemade Christmas. We made a very strong effort to not buy things, but rather make things. It felt so good. I find it so easy to get caught up in all the craziness… slowing it down and making things made it so much more enjoyable, for all of us.

This year  I decided to knit everyone thrum mittens for Christmas… I probably should have started this much sooner.

I made newborn thrums,

toddler thrums,

thrums for 8 year olds… and many many more. I didn’t get them all done sadly. Next year I will plan better… don’t we all say that every year?


I was busy with sneaky presents for friends from said friend’s husbands.

I got an email from Sosi’s teacher saying she saw the larger version of this painting in a shop. She told me it immediately made her think of a teacher holding her students. I loved that description so much I thought she needed to have a copy. So I made prints for all the teachers. This will be my teacher gift from now on. 🙂

I made this fabric piece for my very sweet husband. I thought it was a great gift until I got his present. He made a video of all my family and friends telling me what they love about me. It was the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received.

Christmas was lovely…

and as always it’s all over too soon. I’m so  looking  forward to getting back to work and starting the New Year. Before that tho, we have a few more holidays days together. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, full of rest and much love. xo




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  1. I love everything you made down to the Santa paper. The portraits you did are amazing! I love the one of your family, so sweet. Wishing you a very happy new year!


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