Summer show


Catherine, my studio mate,  Norma Jean Maclean  and I submitted a show proposal the to the Guild late last year. We just found out it was accepted and we will have a month long show this summer. We are all so excited!

I’ve been working away on these pieces for it. You may recognize the linens from our great fabric find last year. They are incredibly beautiful, it was so fun to work with them and give them new life. It’s been such a treat to do something completely creative. Now back to work, I have a very fun project waiting for me.


One thought on “Summer show

  1. Oh man, these are so very, very wonderful! I love those handkerchief ladies, the expressions on their faces, they remind me a bit of pen-and-ink cookbook illustrations from the 1950s! And those doilies in purples and blues and pinks and yellows, too darling!


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