new rooms


Our girls have been sharing a room for quite a few years now.  It has been good. They love being together and find a lot of comfort in each other.

But recently I have also been noticing that it has been a little harder for Sosi than Ila… I could see in her face that she could use a little quiet oasis of her own at times.

So while we were away on a recent trip to Ottawa, Paul got busy. They each have their own little space now and the change has been seamless.


They have loved decorating their own spaces. My heart was bursting by Sosi’s choice of my art (exclusively) for her walls.

Ila was all about the displaying of her (disturbing large) collection of stuffies.

They still are close, and the first thing they do in the morning is go in to the other’s room… but now they just have a place to go when they need some space. I hope it helps to bring them even closer.