some sketches


We got out to the country this weekend and I got some more wonderful photos of barns. (More paintings to come!)

You might be wondering what’s up with all the barn paintings. Last summer, I was feeling particularly sad and like I didn’t fit in here. My favourite part of driving all around with the girls doing all the typical summer stuff,  was seeing barns. Not the beaches or lighthouses or quaint towns… but these sad and adorable barns.  Somehow they make me feel better about living here.


barn. rice point, p.e.i.


I’ve been wanting to start this series of P.E.I barns for some time, but I only have a few pictures from last summer to work from. There are so many gorgeous barns on this island. My hope is to drive all around this coming summer and document them. I tried to get out to take some photos a few weeks ago (patience is not my strong point) and the winter roads proved to be too much for me… I think it is best to wait until the snow thaws.

Hello, again


Hello, again. I’m back with a new site and a whole new appreciation for blogging! I have missed this as a place a whole lot over the past few months. It feels good to leave that old site behind me and to start fresh.

I have big plans for this little space. Mia and I are still planning a project together, but this place will be more for me to talk about things I am working on and what is inspiring me. I hope you’ll stick around, I’ve missed you!