Coaxing Spring

Maybe Spring doesn’t want to come to PEI, but that doesn’t mean I can’t paint it! I spent this weekend painting barns and flowers, and I’m hoping it might coax Spring to arrive.


These paintings will be available to purchase at Cottage Industry in Charlottetown or through me.

OK, I lied…



OK, I lied, I’m totally still doing art this summer. I religiously spend every Saturday in the studio, which is the perfect way to recharge those ol’ mama batteries for the coming week. I’ve been working on lots more barn, fishing shack and lighthouse paintings.

I’m also going to start a 2nd edition print of my map of PEI! Please forward any suggestions of things I missed in the first edition or anything you think I should add. I’m so happy it’s been received so well here!!

Last 2 barns


Here are the last 2 barns.

All together I painted 6 barns this summer in Catherine’s Studio. I’m so happy she chose  me to watch her space. These barns would never have been painted if she hadn’t. She’s back now and it’s time to hand back the keys, and I feel a little heart broken about it. I think it may be definitely time to find a space of my own…

these days


These days have been full, very full. A lot of going back and forth…


from things like this,


and this,


to this,


and this.

In July my attempt to get more childcare backfired…and I ended up with no childcare. My children were both miserable in the new places I put them and begged to stay home with me. After weeks of fighting them, and lots of tears and stress, I gave in. I ‘ve had them home for 2 weeks with me and it has worked out amazingly. I ‘m with them during the day and my husband is with them in the evening and weekends (when I whisk myself off to my (Katherine’s) studio, aka heaven). I’m actually getting lots done and more importantly …


look how happy these two are (man, I love them)! It’s been nuts, but so totally worth it.

Finding Balance


My biggest challenge in motherhood so far has been finding that ever elusive life-work balance. In my perfect world I would have a few days of doing this…


followed by some lovely days like this…


The hard part is not feeling a little resentful (for not having time to work) when I’m doing this…


or not feeling really guilty (for not being with my kids) when I’m doing this.


It’s especially difficult in times like this when my girls are having a hard time.  I know things will work out. If we are patient and easy on ourselves, the perfect balance will come.



I’m missing Sosi like crazy. I feel silly for being so sad,  as she’s been going to preschool for over 2 years. Something about this feels different, like I just put her on a path that’s going to just take her farther and farther away from me each year, and there’s no turning back.

I keep thinking about the movie Ponyo, how her dad squished her inbetween his hands and magically turned her back into a fish when she was changing herself into a girl. I wish I could squeeze her and turn her back into my little baby. She’s so eager to grow up.

I’ve been distracting myself with work. So happy to be part of an upcoming show with the Jupiter Project. Here’s a sneak peek.

happy barns




My barn paintings have been selling over at the lovely Cottage Industry shop here in Charlottetown. This  makes me so happy… mostly because I got to paint more barns! We dropped these happy little ones off today.



Having 3 generations together,


a trip to one of my favourite places on the island for an afternoon tea.. just me and my mom,


barns right on main street,


strawberry tarts,


moments like these.

Nancy’s store


My barn paintings have left me for a better home. They are now living in my sister in law’s super gorgeous new store, Cottage Industry. I think they look great (I might even say perfect) there. She’s located on Grafton at the corner of Queen if you want to pop by for a visit. 🙂




This is the reason I missed Easter dinner. My finger somehow got caught in the trunk as I was packing away that lovely pudding. You don’t want to know what’s under that bandage, it is the stuff of nightmares. I only looked at it once, right after it happened… and I still can’t get the image out of my head.

I’m working on a big shop update. I’ve made a set of mini barnface paintings that I’m going to put up for sale. Check back soon!!