Finding Balance


My biggest challenge in motherhood so far has been finding that ever elusive life-work balance. In my perfect world I would have a few days of doing this…


followed by some lovely days like this…


The hard part is not feeling a little resentful (for not having time to work) when I’m doing this…


or not feeling really guilty (for not being with my kids) when I’m doing this.


It’s especially difficult in times like this when my girls are having a hard time.  I know things will work out. If we are patient and easy on ourselves, the perfect balance will come.

3 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Feeling a lot of the same things. Hope you and the girls can find a happy balance.

    The Island looks lovely this time of year.


  2. Oh, I am right there with you. For me, it is more about the lack of housekeeping skills competing with the desire to write stuff as promised for somebody, plus those three little ones.

    And then there is my own mental anguish, which seems to have reared an ugly head these last couple of months.

    Good thing the kids are just having regular fits that don’t last long and are part of being 8, 6 and 4 … those I can handle. Next week I am putting them in a two-hour-per-day art class at CollageCollage (Vancouver) to get some of that writing knocked off. I sure hope I don’t catch the nasty procrastination bug!

    I love your work, the clean simplicity of it makes me smile. I hope things ease up with the kids!


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