Good Morning Mobile


I’ve made a free mobile download to celebrate the upcoming release of my new book The Good Morning Book!


We been making them like crazy over here and it’s been so fun. It’s a quick little project that takes about an hour to do together.


I’ve added some instructions in the download, but it’s pretty straight forward. These little cuties pretty much figured it out on their own.


You can download it here:




New Canada Postcards

I made some Canada Postcards! It was inspired by My Canada and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s up in my etsy shop and available around Charlottetown.

Speaking of My Canada… check out this adorable trailer. I can’t even handle the cuteness!

My Canada- An Illustrated Atlas


I’ve created a colouring page to celebrate the launch of “My Canada- An Illustrated Atlas”. The book is coming out May 23 to celebrate Canada’s 150th, and will be available anywhere you can buy books. The colouring page is available now and is free! You can download it here.

Count your chickens

Count your chickens is finally out! I’m really happy with how it looks and it’s a lot of fun. My 8 year old can’t stop counting the chickens and making up stories for all of them. It can be found at most major book stores and online at amazon.


Rainforest of Reading


“A book is just a book until a child  picks it up and interprets it, that’s when the magic happens.” – Kari-Lynn Winters.

Sonya White at the One Schoolhouse Foundation is doing such meaningful and beautiful work. She recently shared this video with me of her visit to St. Lucia and the Reading Rainforest event. It is an event celebrating books and reading. Me, Too was one of the books including in the celebrations.

The video is  beautiful. It is incredibly uplifting to see so many people doing such good things, and there is really so much magic in the world, mostly in the hearts of children. This video would have made me cry regardless, but the fact that I can see my book in the hands of children I never dreamed it would reach, was almost too much.

Magical Animals and Good Mornings.



My girls have been  absolutely loving Kallie George‘s series called “Magical Animal Adoption Agency”.  It has sparked all sorts of creativity over here. Magical animals are being crafted, rooms have been turned into adoption rooms, there are even unicorns in my bath tub!

These books feel even more special because I have a small connection to Kallie.  The first email I received offering me a children’s book illustration job was from her. She and I worked on “The Goodnight Book” together.

I’ve got the sequel to The Goodnight book ( The Good Morning Book) all ready to go.  It should be coming out pretty soon. 2016 is a super busy year for me, I’m working on 4 books!  A very different scenario from when I received that first email from Kallie…  and I will always feel thankful to her for giving me my first book.









Sneeky Peek

Here’s a little sneak peek of something I’ve been working away on that I am so excited about.


“The Love Book” is a book I wrote myself, that will be fully illustrated with fabric pieces. (!!!) It’s being published by Owlkids Books, and will be released in the Fall of 2017.

I have never been prouder of a project. The message is straight from my heart and the artwork is so special to me. I hope the world will love it as much as I am loving working on it!


Run Salmon Run Video!

I just had to share this video for Bobs and Lolo’s song Run Salmon Run.  This is so fun for me, to see my little drawings come to life! It’s a lovely song, and  Turtle Box Productions did such a great job.

New Alphabet Poster!


I’ve been working a lot with a most reluctant Ila on learning how to read. I wanted to try something a little different to make it fun for her. We worked on this together (she is most proud of the I), and  I loved the result so much I decided to get some printed. They are printed on heavy card stock, 11″X17″ and signed.  I will be selling them for $35. They are up for sale in my Etsy shop. If you are in Charlottetown, please contact me directly. 

(The amazing banner is by Kim Roach Design)

Discover Charlottetown 2015 Activity Guide.



I have some spot illustrations scattered throughout the current Discover Charlottetown Activity Guide. You can find it all around town or you can request one from the Discover Charlottetown website.

Me, too!


I’m so excited to share my next book with you. It’s called Me, too and was written by the lovely and funny Annika Dunklee!





It is about two best friends who face a challenge. I loved it the first time I read it and drew one of the characters just like my own best friend, Magda.




Madga is super cute and silly and always brings a big smile to my face… just like cute little Annie in the book.




The book comes out in April. You can preorder it here on Amazon, or you can order a signed copy from me. I only have a few, so don’t wait too long. Just send me an email. I’m selling them for $15, plus $5 shipping for Canada, $10 shipping for the US.





In my opinion this is the surest sign of success with a book, lots of giggles!

G! magazine interview


I was interviewed by the PEIWBA in this month’s G! magazine. You can read it online here.


Chispum Wall Decals and Interview


I have some wall decals available at Chispum and they also posted a fun little interview with me today (scroll to the bottom for the English version).

Chris Moose!


Sorry for the major radio silence over here on this blog. It was a very busy summer and the fall has been crazy… I will write more about that later. But I wanted to stop in and share this with you!

I was lucky to illustrate the new Christmas album for Bobs and Lolo. It was so much fun. I love workng with these ladies. They’ve even created a very cute video for the Chris Moose video. Watch at your own risk, it’s very catchy… you won’t be able to stop singing it afterwards!




Goodnight Book

The Goodnight Book is out!  Published by the fine Simply Read Books. I was so happy to see it in my favourite local bookstore last week.

I’m planning a fun book launch at the Confederation Center Library… we are thinking a PJ party reading would be most suitable. I will post more here when I know more.