Norma Jean Maclean, Catherine Miller and I have come together for a show called “Untitled”.

Norma Jean has created some new paintings of her old family homes.

Catherine is displaying her series of sand dollar inspired family portraits.


My work includes a series titled “flower faces” which are made up of collaged together bits of vintage embroidery, doilies and linens.

I also have two Mother/Daughter pieces in the show. The one below is my absolute favourite.

“Untitled” runs at The Guild until June 29. There will be an opening Wednesday June 18 night from 7:00-8:00. Sweets and treats will be provided.

All pieces are available for sale. Please send me an email if you are interested.

Charlottetown and PEI postcards


The postcards are here! I’m so happy with they turned out. I can’t say enough good things about  Jukebox printing. They always do such a great job. The colours are just right. 🙂

If you are in Charlottetown you can find them at Cottage Industry and at   Showcase, the Confederation Centre Gift Shop.

There will be more locations soon, I’m working on it. 🙂

I have also added them to my Etsy shop if you aren’t on PEI and would like some. Yay!

*a super big thanks to Jen at Cottage Industry for all the support + inspiration.*


new custom pieces


I’ve been super busy lately, but I find it really hard to turn down requests for custom portraits. I feel very lucky people want me to do portraits of their loved ones. Each one is so special. Here are a few I squeezed in between bigger projects lately.

Speaking of projects… I’m working on some really fun ones right now. I can’t wait to share them with you. One is with these wonderful ladies, who I have to say might be the most lovely people to work with. 🙂 (yes, I did the backgrounds for those videos too!)


… and a Gerty makes 5.

I’ve been keeping a little secret… well not so little. A 50 pound secret! There’s a new member in our little family.


Her name is Gerty, and she is adorable. She was a stray from the PEI humane society. I had been checking their website pretty regularly… with fingers crossed for a while now. About a month ago I saw a cute little dog and sent Paul down with the girls to take a look. They all fell in love with a completely different dog, and well, the rest is history.

She is bigger than any dog I ever imagined having, but somehow fits so perfectly into our lives.

She is gentle and cuddly and so eager to learn and love. We have all fallen completely in love with her (well, maybe not the cats… but they are learning to love her).

We don’t know much about her. She was a stray and no one ever came looking for her. We’re so crazy about her after just one  month, I can’t imagine having her a year and a half and not looking for her.

She has been coming with me to work during the week and is a great work companion. So quiet and patient. I’ve wanted a dog my entire life and my heart is so full with this lovely lady.

coming soonish…

I’m so excited to finally share this with you! This project has been in the works for the last couple of years. It’s a little Goodnight book that explores how mamas and papas in Far-Away lands say good night to their babies. It’s called the Goodnight Book and it will be published by Simply Read books in May of 2014! It can be preordered here.

Girls Rule

These past few months listening to the news, my heart has been breaking for girls of the world. Besides trying to fill my own girls up with self confidence and self respect… I was feeling powerless.

I find the world turns on girls in very subtle ways, very early. My sweet 8 year old girl sees no diffrenece between her girl and boy friends. She actually even more boy friends than girls. But I’m noticing things are changing. Now in Grade 2 boys are starting to not  want to sit with her on the bus or play with her for fear of being teased. This makes me really angry. Gender separation is such a dangerous thing. It focuses on difference and  encourages lack of respect… which leads to much bigger problems later on.

This has all made me want to do something. So I drew this picture. Don’t get me wrong, I think boys rule too. I love all of Sosi’s little boy friends. I just really want my girls and all the girls of the world to know they are just as good as boys, and that there is nothing they can’t do. They can rule the world.

(This print is available here.)

When in Doubt…


In our house we have always practiced the 20 second hug. I’ve yet to meet a problem it couldn’t solve. 🙂

That inspired this poster. (It also works with trees btw)

I just uploaded this to Society6. Free shipping world world thru Sunday. Click here to buy.

Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

I’m so happy to have teamed up with Annemarie at Yoyomama to make these Valentine’s Day Printable cards. You can download them for free here!

Painting Sale and other things

To kick off the new year I’ve decided to open an Etsy shop. I’ll be using it to sell my “You are Loved” prints and some paintings I’ve had around my studio. They are priced are priced to sell, so check them out quick!

In somewhat related news… society6 is running another free shipping event. You need to follow this link. If you’ve been thinking about getting something, now’s a good time to pick it up.


Free shipping on Society6

This is kind of last minute, but I just noticed this free shipping promotion on Society6. It’s only good until December 9th at midnight. If you would like to take advantage here’s the promotional link to my shop. I added some new images too!


pretty things, nice friends


Our friends Jenny and Josh made us this amazing light. I kind of can’t believe it…. it’s so beautiful. It’s made from an old laundry machine drum.

We are at a stage in our home where we have lots of things started and not a lot of things done. It’s so nice to have something this beautiful to inspire us to keep going, thank you guys!!

Saturday at the library


When I was young my dad used to take me to the local library on Saturday mornings. It was the highlight of my week… picking out books for the week, getting to spend time with my dad. There was sometimes a puppet play or story time too, I have such fond memories of all if it.

So you can imagine how special it felt for me to be a part of a Saturday morning at our own local library.  The room was jammed packed (with even some people I didn’t know!), good time was had by all.

A BIG thank you to all who came, and a super big thank you to Kids Can Press and Robert Heidbreder for letting me work on this amazing project that just keeps giving back to me.



If you are in Charlottetown please come down to the Childrens’ Library tomorrow morning. My amazing friend Josh will be putting on a puppet performance. I’ve seen his puppet work before, trust me it’s something not to be missed!

Marylou, the children’s librarian, will be reading Noisy Poems while I do live drawings. I hope to see you there!

New Work


Sorry for the radio silence here. Our house has been torn all apart for the last few months… but these last few weeks our kitchen has also been gone. I’m finding this hardest of all. I’m realizing just how important the kitchen is to me and my sanity. This whole renovation has really shown me how resistant to change I am… something I need to work on with myself! I have fought my husband every step of the way… that poor man.

This summer was a busy time for me work wise too. I just came across these little puzzles I designed for an Australian company called Glottogon. I think they turned out super cute. They were lots of fun to work on.


getting back into the swing of things


We have somehow pretty seamlessly gotten back into the swing of things  around here. Both my little ones are happy (yay!),  and we have been getting into a good routine. Ila is going 5 mornings a week this year to junior kindergarten (she loves it!), so that means I get to my studio everyday.

I’ve been working on some new paintings for a new children’s book that will be out next Fall. Unlike Noisy Poems which I illustrated digitally, these are paintings (!). It has been so nice to be able to paint everyday. I think I am in heaven. I’m super happy with how they are turning out.


End of Summer- Book Give Away


I love everything about summer, except for the end. No matter how my summers go, I’m always left  feeling like I want more. That’s how I’m feeling today on the rainy first day of school for my kids, I wish we had more summer.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do. Leave me your best memories of this summer in the comments section and I will randomly chose someone to send a signed copy of my new book. That might keep the happy summer feelings going for a little bit longer.