Book giveaway winners!


The randomly picked numbers picked by Sosi are 1 and 14, the first and last commenters! I will be sending Martina and Cathy an email to get your addresses soon.

Thank you all for leaving comments, I loved reading about your happy summer memories. I think mine is riding bikes with Sosi one evening. It was golden hour and we rode along on the Confederation trail. We stopped and picked rose hips for jam, then kept riding after that.  Some boys gave us some apples they had picked from a tree. Sosi wanted to keep riding and riding, not wanting to turn around to start the trip back home… it was one of those perfect moments you want to hold on to forever.

P.S I decided to give 2 books away, really wish I could have given one to everyone…

End of Summer- Book Give Away


I love everything about summer, except for the end. No matter how my summers go, I’m always left  feeling like I want more. That’s how I’m feeling today on the rainy first day of school for my kids, I wish we had more summer.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do. Leave me your best memories of this summer in the comments section and I will randomly chose someone to send a signed copy of my new book. That might keep the happy summer feelings going for a little bit longer.



the winner is…


The winner for the card give away is comment #8, Carrie S. If you read this before I have a chance to email you Carrie, please send me your address and I will send you your cards!

Thank you all for your comments. Reading through them was such a treat. It was nice to see who is visiting my site, I wanted to give you all a set of cards! I will have to do another give away sometime soon.

This week’s theme over at Small Fancy is “Me in 50 years”, Mia’s is awesome!

a card giveaway


I’ve made some barn face greeting cards for my shop. You can see them here. To celebrate, I’m giving away a set. Please leave a comment, and in the next few days I’ll choose a winner.

making happy


It has been a hard week in these parts. Our little Ila has not been well. There have been many sleepless nights (for all, this child is LOUD), trips to the hospital, scary fevers, no eating, crying… so much crying,  and much heart break on my part. She seems to be a little better today after getting worse this past weekend.

I’m sitting here trying to make myself feel happy, and thought a free download might help. I made last week’s bonbon small fancy into a downloadable PDF colouring page. I hope it brings some smiles to some little faces.

(Above photo from happier days… I’m afraid if you saw a picture of us today you might never return to this site!)