it’s cozy time


This time of year for me is all about the knitting. It’s hard to not be knitting all the time… This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “Autumn Sweater“.

For all you folks worried about sweet Ila from last week’s Small Fancy (she’s only going 1 morning a week), she’s doing much better at daycare. She  even ventured off  the couch and made me a craft last time.  She points to it all day, beaming with pride.

climbing mountains


This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “Climb every Mountain“. It’s an homage of sorts to our friends Anastasia and Josué who just got back from climbing mountains in Africa (!).

My trip last weekend was so much fun! Even though I was dreading turning 37 (sounds so old), I think I might have had one of my best birthdays yet. I was thoroughly spoiled. I want to thank everyone who made it such a great day, especially my lovely husband who held down the fort while I was away. The kids had so much fun, I don’t think they even noticed I was gone. 🙂

pet peeves


This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “Pet Peeves”. I decided to draw a page from my Grade 8 year book. Back in 1987 there seemed to be an epidemic of both brothers and soggy toast. Click here to see them! Happy weekend.

summer food


While we happily eat our weight in greens and veggies, summer is all about beer and BBQed hamburgers for me (closely tied with ice cream and homemade pizza on the BBQ).

Summer Food is the theme over at Small Fancy this week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

weekend visit



Two of the things I miss most about Vancouver were in Charlottetown this weekend. Our dear friends Josué and Anastasia came for a quick visit. I was totally unprepared for the amount of happiness I would feel seeing them again… it was a great weekend.

There have been ups and downs, but I know deep (deep) down moving to Charlottetown was the right decision for us. When people ask if I miss Vancouver or wish to move back, I always answer that I just wish I could convince all my friends to just move out here. I’m not a person with lots of friends… but the ones I have I hold close to my heart. It’s hard to live far from so many people I’m so crazy about.

I don’t think I convinced these two to move here, but I think they will definitely be back for more visits and there was even talk of house swaps. So we might be able to actually work out a visit back to Vancouver soonish. (!!)

P.S We also got to meet up for coffee with Eric Dyck who was here visiting from Moncton… even got featured in his comic!




This week’s Small Fancy theme is “sweethearts”. Mine was inspired by my recent walks with Sosi. We’ve been collecting leaves on our way to and from school. We cut out little hearts in them with our finger nails. She then leaves them on the door steps of our neighbours.

I think this week is my favourite match of Mia’s and my drawings.



This week’s theme over at the Small Fancy is “Camping”. I had fun with this one. I miss my camping days. They ended when I met my husband. He generally does not enjoy the outdoors… bugs.. getting dirty. Not the makings of a good camper. He makes up for it by being awesome in many other ways.

Happy long weekend!

the winner is…


The winner for the card give away is comment #8, Carrie S. If you read this before I have a chance to email you Carrie, please send me your address and I will send you your cards!

Thank you all for your comments. Reading through them was such a treat. It was nice to see who is visiting my site, I wanted to give you all a set of cards! I will have to do another give away sometime soon.

This week’s theme over at Small Fancy is “Me in 50 years”, Mia’s is awesome!

reincarnated as…


This week’s theme over at The Small Fancy is “reincarnated as”.

Is there really any other animal to be reincarnated as other than a cat? You would always be warm and cozy, you would get lots of sleep, cuddles whenever you want and no one expects too much from you.  Man, the cats have it good.

To see the full image and to see Mia’s take on the theme, visit our Small Fancy site.

Happy weekend!

“things in my kitchen”


This week’s Small Fancy theme is “Things in my kitchen”. There hasn’t been much activity in my kitchen this week… we have all been sick with the stomach flu. Nothing to make you feel alive again like a future sweater, all balled up,  the colour of sunshine. Can’t wait to get knitting!



This week’s Small Fancy theme is Bigfoot. Click here to check out Mia’s version.

I will have my shop update done for Monday. I will have 6 little mini barn paintings for sale. I have put my “You are Loved” screen prints on sale. If you want one, now is the time to snatch them up!

See you Monday.

“it’s a love you don’t give words to…”


The Small Fancy’s theme this week is “favourite song lyric”.  I’m sure there is a lyric out there that is more of a favourite than this one, but this is what jumped in my head and wouldn’t get out.

letting go


Pretty much every week I wish I had more time to work on my Small Fancy comic. Some weeks I don’t think there is any way it will get done in time. This was one of those weeks. There was a car accident, a 5 year old with an ear infection, a baby with some sort of nasty stomach flu and  bark-y cough, throw in a sick husband and there was little time for drawing.

This is what I managed to get done this week. It is far from what I had hoped to do, but I am trying to let go of what I think things should be and just be happy with what they are. I’m finding each week my Small Fancy comic is a lesson in this.