letting go


Pretty much every week I wish I had more time to work on my Small Fancy comic. Some weeks I don’t think there is any way it will get done in time. This was one of those weeks. There was a car accident, a 5 year old with an ear infection, a baby with some sort of nasty stomach flu and  bark-y cough, throw in a sick husband and there was little time for drawing.

This is what I managed to get done this week. It is far from what I had hoped to do, but I am trying to let go of what I think things should be and just be happy with what they are. I’m finding each week my Small Fancy comic is a lesson in this.

5 thoughts on “letting go

  1. I think they’re great too!

    I wish I knew more about our house, although admittedly it doesn’t have much of a history yet I suppose. One of the ladies at Nate’s play group did say she had seen it prior to the last owners buying it. Apparently the lady who had the house was a bit of a hoarder. There was so much stuff in the house it was hard actually see the house.


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