9 thoughts on “february fox sightings

  1. wow, are you lucky! Is that little guy every gorgeous… i love his long nose and black legs. I guess… that foxes are an east coast thing? I’ve never seen one before, although I’d like to.

    xo sharilyn


  2. i think usually it’s pretty rare to see one. they are nocturnal and mostly live in the woods.

    p.e.i used to have lots of fox farms and when they died out, i think a lot of them just set the foxes free. so we have lots of foxes here. they really are gorgeous.


  3. hey there,im paul i live in sydney australia,i work for nrma kinda like your aaa,theres this little guy i see him so often at night near the big golfcourse, he kinda trots so i googled foxtrot and they reckon its named after someone but i doubt it i dont know how far he gets from there but i saw another one [maybe same one]by the train line a few ks away.


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