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Two of the things I miss most about Vancouver were in Charlottetown this weekend. Our dear friends Josué and Anastasia came for a quick visit. I was totally unprepared for the amount of happiness I would feel seeing them again… it was a great weekend.

There have been ups and downs, but I know deep (deep) down moving to Charlottetown was the right decision for us. When people ask if I miss Vancouver or wish to move back, I always answer that I just wish I could convince all my friends to just move out here. I’m not a person with lots of friends… but the ones I have I hold close to my heart. It’s hard to live far from so many people I’m so crazy about.

I don’t think I convinced these two to move here, but I think they will definitely be back for more visits and there was even talk of house swaps. So we might be able to actually work out a visit back to Vancouver soonish. (!!)

P.S We also got to meet up for coffee with Eric Dyck who was here visiting from Moncton… even got featured in his comic!


3 thoughts on “weekend visit

  1. hi Lori, you know, I feel exactly the same way all the time. Lame, I know (we only moved to Burnaby) and I know we made the right decision for us (although living somewhere even less expensive really is a dream) So, if we ever move to Charlottetown maybe we can be friends!!! xox to you, love sharilyn


  2. house swap! what a great idea… if you ever want to stay in Ladner in the summer and go strawberry picking on Westham Island… only 20 mins away from Vancouver!


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