Job from hell, part 2.


Small Fancy is a little late this week, but here it is. Now that I’ve thought about it more, I should have maybe drawn me waiting for the bus after work, in the dark, in Vanier, at 15. That was the worst part of this job.

I have so many of these, they might go on for a while… or maybe it is too depressing re-living all the jobs from hell. We’ll see…

tweet tweet

This week’s Small Fancy is “Birds of the Season”. Mine is dedicated to my father. I find his love and knowledge of birds infinitely inspiring.

Not totally unrelated… I’ve joined twitter. I always felt it a little overwhelming when I considered it before. I spend enough time at the computer, I didn’t want to be spending more. I really enjoy reading other people’s tweets and it’s fun, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m still figuring it out and trying to get the hang of it. You can find me at @lorijoysmith.

Small Fancy Returns!

Small Fancy is returning! Look, we even have a fancy new header… drawn by my partner in crime Mia.

We need your help though, we’re trying to make a bank of themes. The hardest part of doing the weekly comic for us is not the drawing of the comic, but the thinking up of a theme each week. If you have a theme you would like to see us each draw please leave it in the comments.



pile of things…


This week at The Small Fancy we were inspired by the Burning House to make our own piles of things we would rescue from our houses were on fire. Once I knew that all the humans and the cat were all safe I would go back for:

  • some favourite comics
  • photo of me and my sister
  • photo of my mother in law
  • tiny paintings of my girls
  • favourite pair of scissors given to me by my mother in law
  • wedding photo
  • daughter’s teeth
  • doll Mia gave to me as a wedding present
  • hard drive with all my photos on it
  • bedspread made by my mother in law

what always surprises me


This week at the Small Fancy the theme is “What always surprises me about Vancouver/Charlottetown”. Paul already pointed out to me an error in mine… there are women who sweep too. It’s true, I’ve see  her, but I forgot about her while doing this last night.

Also in last week’s SF I mentioned that you can’t get agave here, but someone emailed me and said we actually can. I’ve since seen it everywhere from Winners to Bulk Barn. Yay!

Little Peeks


Here’s a little peek at the back of a fabric piece I’m working on for the upcoming “this town is small” collaborative  island poems show. I find myself photographing the backs of fabric pieces just as much as the fronts.

Want to see what’s in my purse?

poppy portrait


I just finished this portrait for Tamara’s littlest. I love the name Poppy, Ila was almost a Poppy.

This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “City Life/Town Life…the Good”.  This time of year I always start wondering why in the world we live here , it was nice to think about some of the good things.

small fancy is back


We took a little extra long holiday over at Small Fancy, but this week we’re back! The theme is “Reasons against/for getting a dog”

Oh yeah, we’re getting a puppy! We don’t get her until the middle of Februrary though, not sure how we’re going to wait that long.

Childhood Christmas Memories


Childhood Christmas memories over at the Small Fancy this week.

Looks like lots of happy childhood Christmas memories are being made over at Meg’s from Elsie Marley. This week she posted a Christmas craft tutorial each day. I also love her advent colouring book. That woman is so full of amazing ideas!

shooting from the hip


This week at the Small Fancy we both took a picture “from the hip”. I had a hard time choosing… this is the that one didn’t make it.

lego misusage


Hey, at least it’s not in her mouth…

At Small Fancy this week we did a simutaneous photo. Looks like Mia was standing beside Elvis Costello at 11:30.

Just saw that Heidi from My Paper Crane‘s book is now available. Looks like lots of fun.

Happy weekend!

More recent work


I just finished these little portraits for the super sweet Tamara, who is even more adorable and lovely in person than she is on T.V.

So excited about the Jupiter Project’s upcoming t-shirt show. Sneak Preview can be viewed here. I want one of these for both Ila and Sosi.

Our theme over at Small Fancy is “Halloween Freaks“. Happy Halloween!

it’s cozy time


This time of year for me is all about the knitting. It’s hard to not be knitting all the time… This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “Autumn Sweater“.

For all you folks worried about sweet Ila from last week’s Small Fancy (she’s only going 1 morning a week), she’s doing much better at daycare. She  even ventured off  the couch and made me a craft last time.  She points to it all day, beaming with pride.