Small Fancy Returns!

Small Fancy is returning! Look, we even have a fancy new header… drawn by my partner in crime Mia.

We need your help though, we’re trying to make a bank of themes. The hardest part of doing the weekly comic for us is not the drawing of the comic, but the thinking up of a theme each week. If you have a theme you would like to see us each draw please leave it in the comments.



7 thoughts on “Small Fancy Returns!

  1. 1. If I could hire someone to take over one of the things I need to do every day, I’d hire them to…

    2. Carrots.

    3. When I am elected Premier, the first thing I will do is…

    4. The main problem with chairs is…

    5. Casting choices for the movie of my life.

    6. A belief I hold dear that would surprise most who know me.

    7. My thoughts on professional basketball.

    8. The invention I’ve had in my head but have never acted on…


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