pile of things…


This week at The Small Fancy we were inspired by the Burning House to make our own piles of things we would rescue from our houses were on fire. Once I knew that all the humans and the cat were all safe I would go back for:

  • some favourite comics
  • photo of me and my sister
  • photo of my mother in law
  • tiny paintings of my girls
  • favourite pair of scissors given to me by my mother in law
  • wedding photo
  • daughter’s teeth
  • doll Mia gave to me as a wedding present
  • hard drive with all my photos on it
  • bedspread made by my mother in law

2 thoughts on “pile of things…

  1. I think everyone should have a pile of things all ready (or close to a small box) just in case… this was great…. and I really love that picture of you and Paul… so romantic…


  2. I think about this often! It’s a huge fear of mine actually! I honestly think I would just go blank if this were to happen. I love to scrapbook and I have many books that mean so much and so many hours have gone into each one. Then there’s the family heirlooms and photos that are spread throughout our home. I feel like going and gathering everything up now. haha!

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^


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