Book giveaway winners!


The randomly picked numbers picked by Sosi are 1 and 14, the first and last commenters! I will be sending Martina and Cathy an email to get your addresses soon.

Thank you all for leaving comments, I loved reading about your happy summer memories. I think mine is riding bikes with Sosi one evening. It was golden hour and we rode along on the Confederation trail. We stopped and picked rose hips for jam, then kept riding after that.  Some boys gave us some apples they had picked from a tree. Sosi wanted to keep riding and riding, not wanting to turn around to start the trip back home… it was one of those perfect moments you want to hold on to forever.

P.S I decided to give 2 books away, really wish I could have given one to everyone…

2 thoughts on “Book giveaway winners!

  1. omg! omg!! omg!!! I wonnnnnnn!!!! I am soooo excited and grateful!!!! Just the COVER makes me smile!!! and i’ll have your autograph – is THAT a reason to smile!!!! Now if you ask me what my favorite AUTUMN memories are… – this one is one in the making 🙂
    THANK YOU so much Lori!! For the give-away… for giving away *2* (that’s how I won!), thank you for your blog, for sharing.. your art, your vision and a glimpse of your life.. thank you Sosi for drawing my number!!… THANK YOU!!!!!
    a long time follower… (and I ALWAYS enjoy following!!) and.. Congrats to YOU for the book!!!
    Cathy 🙂


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