End of Summer- Book Give Away


I love everything about summer, except for the end. No matter how my summers go, I’m always left  feeling like I want more. That’s how I’m feeling today on the rainy first day of school for my kids, I wish we had more summer.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do. Leave me your best memories of this summer in the comments section and I will randomly chose someone to send a signed copy of my new book. That might keep the happy summer feelings going for a little bit longer.



15 thoughts on “End of Summer- Book Give Away

  1. Visit to Halifax for the first time: Ketch Harbour, Cracked Canoe beer, giant flowers, the beach (! a first!) & lots of warm wind. Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. I spend a lovely sun-drenched 5 days on De Courcy Island. I enjoyed lazy time with friends and family, indulged in great food and wine, and took in the beauty of coastal BC.


  3. We moved to a new small town at the beginning of summer so my fondest memories are of my two girls jumping on our new trampoline, riding their scooters and playing in the dirt all with new friends that they made on day one. Thanks for the giveaway chance, I LOVE your art!


  4. my goodness, how can i not try for this one! Favourite summer memory (of the moment!): the buzzing sound when the streetlights come on in the hot summer night, and you’re still out playing, and mom and dad have let bedtime slip…. You know the one? XOX!


  5. Favourite things this summer: the sounds of my daughter giggling; building endless sand castles; picnic lunches; snuggling my toddler, slathered in sunscreen; spontaneous sing-alongs in the car; drinking a cold Corona on the deck. 🙂


  6. First trip to Young Folk, late morning on a Sunday, parked bikes outside, walked into great bright space with Beach Boys Pet Sounds playing, and got a most delicious cup of coffee with husband. Late nights on a certain porch, feeling chilly, talking of many things (including being schooled in Canadian 80’s pop). Road trip to the Bay of Fundy, walked on the ocean floor with wonderful friend from NY. Discovery of the many beaches of PEI, hot sun and super cold water. Watching a wonderfully graceful friend waterski on one ski, it was truly beautiful.

    HMMMM thanks for making me remember that!! It does make it last longer.


  7. So hard to choose after a wonderful summer, but I would have to say the week that we spent with cousins going to Basin Head, Shining Waters, Blooming Point and Sandspit. Fun week and wonderful memories.


  8. There are so many great memories from this summer! Seeing so many friends and family, beautiful beach sunsets, seeing giant redwoods for the first time, and endless adventures. But the best part of it all is that my husband has been on sabbatical all summer, and he got to see my youngest daughter start talking and potty train herself this summer. He got to be here for all the little magical moments that he usually misses when he is at work. It has been such an amazing summer!


  9. I do believe my favorite memory from summer is my daughter and I romping around the field in front of our house, gathering blackberries! What joy we’ve gotten on this mini adventures together! 🙂


  10. I think mine might be the moment I walked into the converted barnhouse we rented in oregon and how immediately i could feel it’s amazing energy and knew it was going to be our best vacation yet (and it was!).


  11. I think my best summer memory… is vacation in Prince Edward Island (I think that’s one of the many reasons I always soooo look forward your blog entries!). The sea, the red sand, the boardwalk, the sand dunes… even the jelly fish!!


  12. My favorite summer memory from this summer was vacationing in northern Michigan. We rented a beach cottage and could swim in the warm, clean waters of Little Travers Bay every day. We explored the traditional sites of Sleeping Bear Dunes and Mackinac Island, but they were made fresh and exciting through the eyes of my boys who were seeing them for the first time. Just thinking of the leisurely evenings up north relaxes me just a little bit even today.


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